18" Aluminum Off-Set Pipe Wrench


Manufactured to U.S. Specifications GGG-W-651 Type II Class C

Heavy Duty Iron Pipe Wrenches have I-Beam handles for proven strength and durability without excess weight. Full floating jaws have spring suspension for fast grip and release. Replaceable jaws are made of tough heat-treated alloy steel. Aluminum Wrenches are nearly 50% less weight compared to Iron Wrenches. The End Wrenches and the Off-Set Wrenches allow for usage in areas with space restrictions. All Pipe Wrenches are made to U.S. Federal Specifications. Parts are interchangeable with most major brands and carry a limited lifetime warranty.

18" (450mm) Aluminum Off-Set | Capacity Inches: 2 ½ | Weight: 3 ½ lbs. (65mm)

Wheeler-Rex Wrenches

481414" (350mm) Aluminum Off-Set Pipe$78.75
481818" (450mm) Aluminum Off-Set Pipe $102.40
96001 1/4" x 1 1/16" Double-Up Wrench$116.00
8700Hydrant Wrench $34.50
1977T-Torque Wrench $54.90


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