3/4" Inserting Tool CC


E-Z Release for CC Corporation

Mueller Inserting Tools are provided with an E-Z Release feature. This feature allows the drilling and tapping machine to disengage the corporation stop without backing the corporation stop out of the main. E-Z release Inserting Tools consist of two parts (a shank and a nut) which are joined by a coarse acme thread. When the machine disengages the corporation stop, the two parts of the inserting tool separate at the acme thread. The part of the inserting tool left attached to the corporation is easily removed once the tapping machine is removed from the main.

Available Sizes

6806003/4" Inserting Tool for CC Corp.$178.95
6806011" Inserting Tool for CC Corp. $214.60
6806033/4" Inserting Tool for IP Corp.$234.06
6806041" Inserting Tool for IP Corp.$290.86

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