3/4" CC Tap and Drill CEM-RES


Mueller Combined Drills and Taps are designed and manufactured to perfectly match the corresponding stop to assure a pressure tight seal. To further assure these tools are of the highest quality, Mueller Combined Drills and Taps are tested by making an actual tap in a cast plate, and the resulting thread is gaged. Each Mueller Combined Drill and Tap is subjected to a hardness test to assure material integrity.

Mueller Co. also offers a reconditioning service for Mueller made combined drills and taps, please contact Bay State Water for further information.

Available Sizes

6805393/4" CC Tap and Drill CEM-RES$213.46
6805401"CC Tap and Drill CEM-RES$293.13
6814881 1/2" CC Tap and Drill CEM-RES$690.65
6814892" CC Tap and Drill CEM-RES$969.67

Additional Materials for B101 Tapping Machine

Cutting GreaseExtractors
Drills and TapsSaddles

Inserting Tools
Shell Cutters

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